Cybersecurity applied to your company’s human factor, the most important link in the cybersecurity chain protecting your information and your customers.

Cybersecurity Services and
Digital Culture

We provide advanced cybersecurity expertise and advice to your company’s human factor,
the most important in the cybersecurity chain. We educate your employees on cybersecurity
risks and equip them with the tools to tackle the threat landscape they face every day thanks
to phone calls, WhatsApp messaging or malicious emails, all of which give way to potential
breaches of your company’s digital security.


Cybersecurity Awareness and
Cyber Legal Culture Program

Customized talks for employees or the company’s human factor; management executives; and boards of directors


Cybersecurity Director or External Manager for Your Company

Providing legal advice and permanent
legal shielding


Cyber Legality and Technology Implementation

We cover a broad spectrum of areas

Remote Work Control Induction

Designed for both decision makers and employees. This service aims to inform the main rules
and requirements established by telework regulations, particularly those arising from the
aftermath of Covid-19.

Remote Work Regulatory Compliance Report

This service entails performing a review of the company’s level of compliance with telework
regulations, particularly those associated with circulars issued by the Labor Bureau. It also
includes defining any pending aspects to bring your company up to compliance, any potential
fines that could be imposed, and providing recommendations for improvement.

Cybersecurity and Telework Status

This service is associated with the telework compliance reports and information security and
cybersecurity policies currently in place. It entails a review of the general cybersecurity status
within the company and how it relates to compliance with telework regulations. The main
cybersecurity breaches detected in the current execution of telework within the company or
organization will be also be reviewed, along with the issuance of a subsequent report.

Technological Risk Awareness

Awareness and sensitivity program that explains the technological risks associated with the
company’s specific reality. This services aims to create a culture of information security and
cybersecurity based on each company’s current reality, focusing on reducing related
technological risks.

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Certification of the Attendance Recording and Control System

In order to avoid fining companies, the Chilean Labor Bureau currently requires that the employee attendance recording and control systems used by companies be authorized by it.
As such, all companies that must be certified as of December 28, 2008 must do so in accordance with ruling no. 2927/58.
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Our Cybersecurity Associates and Strategic Partners


Juan Pablo López Maluenda

An experienced Lawyer as a “cybersecurity specialist” with more than ten years of experience in providing cyber legal advice to technology companies, Mr. López is based in Chile with a presence across LATAM. He holds several diplomas and specializations from both Chilean and foreign universities.

E-Virtus is part of the TRES60 holding and is composed of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the market. In today’s cybersecurity landscape, threats increase daily in volume, sophistication and scope, placing your business continuity at risk.

Ingesmart offers the cybersecurity services and solutions needed to minimize these risks and threats, in addition to facilitating regulatory compliance. Know your level of risk and get the support you need to improve your current security operations boundary protection.

Forensic & Cybercrime Investigation is a company that provides services associated with the prevention, detection and investigation of computer crimes and technological fraud, while offering a private alternative service of personalized and fast access.

We are a Chilean technology company that specializes in providing digital transformation processes for companies and organizations of various industries and sizes.

Providing tax consulting for companies and individuals, aimed at efficiency and tax compliance. With more than 10 years of experience in the area, HDT advises companies of all types. Its partners have developed and honed their professional expertise and knowledge after working for the Chilean Internal Revenue Service and consulting clients at HDT.

A consulting firm that specializes in company and people management. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in company management and financing.

We protect people and organizations by implementing innovation through technologies and “state of the art” managed services, based on a Cybersecurity Culture program so our customers can stay focus in the success of their businesses.

We are a multidisciplinary team that offers customized advice to each client according to their specific needs through applied methodologies. This allows us to be part of the solution to face the different digital and cybernetic threats that arise from the daily dynamics in company operations.

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